Is it worth the effort and the bother, not to mention the stress, to invite an outsider into the business to review how you do things and to see if you match up to an International Standard used by thousands of businesses across the UK and Europe? We freely admit that we ask this ourselves as we embark on another visit from the ISO Assessor.

Here at NBSL we made the decision over 10 years ago to use the international standard ISO9001 as a tool to help us develop our business. We thought we delivered a good service but there is always room for improvement and we wanted to prove to ourselves and customers that we would keep making improvements to their experience.

The independent recognition also demonstrates to our stakeholders and partners that we can be trusted, we have systems and processes in place to ensure we will consistently deliver what they require.

We don’t take our accreditation for granted, in fact this year we decided a completely fresh look at the business would be good so we chose a new UKAS accredited body and that meant a new assessor. It was a testing and rigorous day but added real value. We have some great ideas on how we can develop our business further and got some great independent feedback that we are both delighted and proud to hear.

It takes a great team to deliver a great service and we are proud and delighted to have such a team here at NBSL.

We chose the ISO9001 route to ensure we deliver a great customer service so it was great to hear that 10+ years on that “Customer satisfaction appears to be at the heart of the approach by all staff interviewed.” – Assessor report 28th February 2022

We’re adding this important accreditation to the recent Customer First achievements sitting alongside our commitment to the Good Work Pledge scheme at the North of Tyne Combined Authority – now combined to provide exceptional support to an exceptional business community across the North East of England.

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