At home and at work we are all looking at how and where we can cut costs these days and one of our key worries is the cost of energy. We know some of the basics and the principle that ‘every penny counts’ so you, like us, are probably identifying the dreaded ‘vampire energy stealers’ and switching off whatever and wherever you can. Cutting down on unnecessary journeys, turning the thermostat down by a degree or two, and if the British weather gives us the treat of a hot summer open windows and doors instead of air conditioning.

Is it worth the effort and the bother, not to mention the stress, to invite an outsider into the business to review how you do things and to see if you match up to an International Standard used by thousands of businesses across the UK and Europe? We freely admit that we ask this ourselves as we embark on another visit from the ISO Assessor.

Already half way through January and realised those resolutions never really got going? Blue Monday – traditionally the one day that most of us realise that we’ve set completely unachievable goals - has arrived again.

NBSL are urging businesses to join thousands of North East SMEs to take a fresh look at the North East Business Support Fund as growth plans begin to form for 2022.

The Export Academy, set up by Department for International Trade (DIT) North East, is a free programme specifically designed to help North East businesses acquire the knowledge and skills required to sell products and services overseas successfully.


Register your business as an NBSL provider and stay up to date with the latest funding information.

If you provide business support services like marketing, business planning, human resources or financial planning find out how you could register with us to offer a grant of up to £3200 to your clients for work that you do for them.

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