Newly established businesses often need support to develop specific parts of their organisation. Understanding where your skills don't quite reach is the key to getting the right help.

Do you know what your business needs?

A lot of people start their own business because they have a particular skill or expertise - something they've developed and found success in during their career, or a hobby they've been passionate about for a long time.

What they often don't realise is there is so much more to running a business than 'knowing your product' - routes to market, finance, operations, management systems, marketing, communications, manufacturing - the list goes on and on.

And bringing in external support to guide you where you need it can be crucial in getting things right early on.

And this is how our grant funding can help.

Our grants can be used for things like website development, marketing, finance, video/animation development plus hundreds of other examples - they exist to help you to invest in your business at the right time and to get the right support.

Almost any external support project can be funded - so if you're putting off getting help because the investment seems too high, find out whether we can help you to take that crucial next step.

Essential funding that's really simple to access.

The great news is that you won't need to spend time away from your business wading through a complicated funding paperwork - we'll be there to support you through our incredibly straightforward process:

  • Complete a simple online application
  • Get a quote from your selected provider
  • Receive your funding contract
  • Complete the project and pay your provider
  • Claim your agreed grant from us.

To be eligible, you just need to be a currently trading SME - just choose the region your business is based in from the list below:

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Register your business as an NBSL provider and stay up to date with the latest funding information.

If you provide business support services like marketing, business planning, human resources or financial planning find out how you could register with us to offer a grant of up to £3200 to your clients for work that you do for them.

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Our unique support programmes can provide help no matter what stage your business is at.