Sphera Consulting Masterclass.

This workshop will be run by Ross Golightly, Director at Sphera Consulting. Ross Golightly is an experienced Growth Strategist who works with ambitious, growth-led CEO's, Entrepreneurs and Owner-Managers. His firm, Sphera Consulting Ltd helps companies around the UK to grow, scale and exit. Ross has 18+ years industry and consulting experience, having worked extensively with a broad portfolio of high-growth businesses as a Board Advisor, Consultant, Mentor or Non-Executive Director.


This fast-paced and interactive seminar will assist ambitious owner-managers to understand how they can build scalable, growth-focused businesses and successfully break through some of the growth barriers they are likely to encounter along the way.

You will leave with a number of clear ideas and techniques for how to structure your business for growth, including:

  • The differences between a lifestyle business and a scalable business.
  • How to create leverage and build a self-managing company.
  • How to break through the common growth barriers that occur between 1 and 50 Employees.
  • The owners role as the growth driver: focussing on high leverage / high-return activities that have a multiplying effect on revenue and profit growth.
  • Specific strategies to increase revenue, profit and cashflow.
  • Managing scale: from 6 figures to 7 figures to 8 figures.
  • The characteristics of high-growth companies – what they do differently and how you can apply these things to your own business.
  • Structuring your business for exit: how to build a saleable asset and increase valuation.

Consult The Experts (CTE) Masterclass.

Consult the Experts is a management consultancy based in the north east and covering the UK. We are experts in helping businesses to grow. Our clients see us as an extension of their team but we bring a fresh look at each business and can often see things differently. In short, we do see the wood for the trees.The results are great. Our model is simple and it really works!


Every business is unique and we have developed this workshop to be highly interactive and to focus on your individual business needs. Participants are encouraged to ask questions and will be given opportunities to collaborate with other participants throughout the workshop. We also allocate time for one to one coaching in each session.During the four sessions that make up this 2 day workshop, we will aim to build your skills and confidence to create the right growth strategy for your business.

  • How do I grow my business? This session looks at ways to grow a business and how to plan and manage growth in your business.
  • Where my business is now and growth opportunities? This session helps you to understand your current business position and its growth potential.
  • Getting the right messages across and selling. This session helps you to align your marketing strategy with your business objectives and focus on effective marketing that helps you grow your business.
  • Building winning relationships with customers to build a winning business. People buy from people they like. Successful businesses build great relationships with their customers who, in turn, recommend that business to their contacts. This session helps you understand how to put your customers at the centre of your business to achieve business growth


The North East Business Support Fund provides funding to allow currently trading, North East based SME's to attend one of a range of free to access workshops.

Location: We are currently only able to support businesses based in Northumberland, Tyne and Wear and County Durham. Unfortunately, at this stage, we are unable to take applications from businesses based in the Tees Valley.

Previous funding: If you have recieved NEBSF funding from us since September 2015, you will not be eligible for the workshop programme.

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