Developing a new website is an exciting venture. It allows you to review branding, find even better ways to promote the key elements of your business and set fresh goals to monitor your digital success.

Your website is your online shop window. Good design, clear navigation and great content are the basics you will need to make your website a success but there is much more than that to consider. Three of the top things to discuss with your designer are responsive design, news updates on your site and Google AdWords.

Responsive design

Because of the rapid uptake of smartphones and tablets, people are more likely than ever to view your website on a mobile device. You need your site to look great and be user-friendly no matter what size screen your customers choose to view it with.

A responsive website will automatically detect the viewing device and reformat the screen content accordingly. This includes the menu, which will often be re-mapped to appear as a drop-down list when viewed on a mobile phone or tablet.

Web visitors who use mobile devices quickly leave non-responsive websites, resulting in lost revenue and business opportunities. This can be catastrophic when you think that festive shoppers purchased 426 items per second from Amazon over the 2013 Christmas period and more than half of those customers used a mobile device or tablet to make those orders.

Consumers are often impatient and want to find what they need online in the shortest possible time. A responsive website may cost a bit more at the outset but it will allow the user to view and navigate your website clearly and easily on any device.


In addition to the core pages we believe that a News page is a must for your website and should be regularly updated. The articles may be about you and your products or even your views and analysis of something that relates generally to your area of business.

This new and informative content will show visitors to your site that you are up to date with what is happening in your industry. Besides demonstrating that you are an authoritative voice and a reliable source of information in your field – all of which drives visitors to you – offering quality content is one of the things Google says can improve your website's search ranking.

Google AdWords

When you have completed your website you may need to advertise it online. The most efficient and cost effective method of achieving this is through a targeted Google Adwords campaign.

AdWords marketing is flexible and, unlike traditional printed marketing, you are in control. You choose the relevant words and phrases that are related to your business, you determine the monthly budget and you can monitor the statistics to analyse the effectiveness. You can even advertise to a specific geographical region if you want to attract new visitors.

In conclusion

A responsive design, compelling News page and targeted Adwords campaign is a powerful combination for ensuring your new website is seen, current and adaptable. Competition can be fierce and creating a functional website is a priority. There is so much that your website can do, so make sure your website works as hard as you do!

Article by Sarah Comerford of Purple Creative Studios.

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